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We need your help to continue to provide a fun, competitive and community-based soccer program to the youth of our community.

New Rochelle F.C. (NRFC) is the travel division of Youth Soccer of New Rochelle, Inc. (YSNR) With over a 40 year history, we support 30 youth travel soccer teams with over 400 players from incredibly diverse backgrounds, every year. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on funds from our community and a ton of volunteer time from our board, coaches and parents.

Join our Upper 90⁰ Club to

Support Youth Soccer in our Community

Members of our Upper 90⁰ Club will receive special recognition from NRFC on our website, in our community publications and through a unique car magnet (individual and family memberships) or plaque (business memberships) that sets you apart as a special donor to our organization. Donations to become a member of the Upper 90⁰ Club are tax deductible in accordance with applicable law.

Corporate Upper 90⁰ Club (Business)

Annual Donation above $2,500

Lifetime Upper 90⁰ Club (Individual/Family)

Single Donation above $2,500

Platinum Upper 90⁰ Club (Individual/Family)

Annual Donation from $501 to $2,500

Gold Upper 90⁰ Club (Individual/Family)

Annual donation from $301 to $500

Silver Upper 90⁰ Club (Individual/Family)

Annual Donation from $100 to $300


Become an Upper 90⁰ Club Member Today!

Visit our home page – www.ysnr.org - and follow the steps below

1. Go to www.ysnr.org - Click on Travel
2. Click Register (top right corner)
3. Log In or Click New Customer Primary (Create log in and password)
4. Chose the Upper 90⁰ Club Program, follow the instructions... 
5. Choose your membership division
6. Choose to pay with credit card or check
7. You are done!  You can expect your special recognition in the mail in 3-4 weeks.

Welcome Letter
    Youth Soccer of New Rochelle, Inc.
  Travel Division
  PO Box 64
  New Rochelle, NY 10804-0064

Dear Prospective Upper 90⁰ Club Member:

For almost 40 years, Youth Soccer of New Rochelle Inc.* has offered the children of New Rochelle an opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer. Youth Soccer of New Rochelle, Inc. (“YSNR”) is a nonprofit corporation organized in New York. YSNR began as the Youth Soccer Association of New Rochelle in 1972. The current organization was formed in 1979. An excerpt from the founders follows:

“Our desire is to help the children of New Rochelle grow as individuals and as contributing members of a large community. Our success is measured by our children’s joy and enthusiasm as they participate in a healthy sport which brings out the best of their individual character and team work.”

We endorse this spirit and desire to continuously improve the quality of our organization, the quality of the programs we offer and the quality of the instruction and play of our children.

YSNR consists of two divisions: the recreational division and the travel division. The travel division, which is organized as New Rochelle F.C. (“NRFC”), conducts a program for children selected to play on travel teams for ages U9 through U19. Together, our Rec and Travel programs allow over 1000 children in New Rochelle to play soccer practically year round.

Currently, the NRFC Travel program consists of approximately 30 teams and over 450 travel players ranging in age from 8 to 18. We have a large program and support many players throughout our community. However, the cost of youth sports nationwide continues to increase. New Rochelle is a diverse community in terms of socioeconomic status and many of our players cannot afford the full cost of participation in the travel program. The proceeds of Upper 90⁰ Club memberships directly support our organization and will allow us to continue to offer opportunities and scholarships to players in our community.

If you have questions about the Upper 90⁰ Club, feel free to e-mail us at fundraising.nrfc@gmail.com.

Become an Upper 90⁰ Club Member Today and Support Youth Soccer in our Community!

We would welcome your support. NRFC is all about skills, teamwork, fun, and competitive soccer for the youth of our diverse community. Please support us today.

Michael Manley
President, NRFC Travel Division
Youth Soccer of New Rochelle, Inc.

*YSNR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts or donations to YSNR or NRFC are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.